Monday, September 12, 2011


Seems as though even the Adelaide press are enjoying my work!
check out the article here:

meanwhile, these are the following works still available:

Making Your Mark

Dad at Bat

Phill and Ben at Robbie’s Farm

The Great Firewall Of China

Bill Henson and the Shopping Volcano

Henson, Washed by Richard Tognetti’s Mozart

Cameron and the Stardust of Betelgeuse

Eye Don’t See No Unicorns
The Great Dolphin Civil War

Ib(d)iot Love

Friday, September 9, 2011

Opening, and Press!!

Wow! Thank you to all who came to the opening of my painting show. And a big big thank you to all who bought paintings! There's still a few available, (good ones too) but not many!

meanwhile, I've been getting a little bit of press

Here, in the:
Herald Sun
The ABC (Arts)

Stay tuned.. there may be more!