Thursday, June 30, 2016

A great opening night

Thank you to all who came to my exhibition opening. It was a great success, and I even managed to sell over half the show.

There are a few good paintings left. Please let me know if you are keen.

Monday, May 2, 2016

High Brow or Street Savvy

They say it's impossible to please everyone, especially in the art world... but I just might be able to do it!

Behold!  Both types of commercials!

One for the hip movers and shakers, the taste-makers with the fingers on the pulse of what's cool and what's stool.

And then there's a second commercial for the more refined and discerning art aficionado. The collector with both highly cultured tastes and a massive wad of cash in their pockets ready to shell out for the most important art produced in the Australia since Howard Arkley had a go.

For you're viewing pleasure..

Warning: Do not watch the ad from the category that does not describe you. I can't be held responsible for whatever it might cause.

For the Hip Groovy Set

For the Finer Art Connoisseurs 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Forthcoming Exhibition - 28th June - the press release

Former recipient of the now-defunct Itchiball Prize for Bad Art Ben Butcher once again puts two-dollar-shop paintbrush to hard-rubbish-scavenged canvas in his typically enthusiastic style capturing mundane and glorious moments, weird dreams, and re-imagined barroom anecdotes.

A retired Black Caviar earns some petty cash by acting as a jousting horse at a medieval fair while Ned Kelly sells balloons to kids.

Vladimir Putin joins Ivan The Terrible in throwing dogs and a spare dolphin from the Kremlin tower at Pussy Riot.

Julian Assange and his schoolyard friend Paul Cregan using tractor tyres as an army tank and a stick as a cannon.

Oh, and of course there are unicorns and rainbows.

After selling out his 2013 exhibition at the Old Bar gallery, Butcher has returned with a new collection of works fusing his trademark colour palette and unique perspective in a painstakingly-rendered display of exuberant jouissance. Butcher is a Melbourne musician, photographer, and teacher whose work has been described as 'like Sidney Nolan on acid' and addresses questions like 'what does God do in his spare time?' and “how come Tolstoy spent his whole life looking for the secret of universal happiness while David Walsh managed to find it quite quickly?

Ben Butcher’s Art Show can be viewed at the upstairs gallery at The Old Bar (74-76 Johnston Street, Fitzroy) for a strictly limited time.

Opens : 6pm, 
Tuesday 28th June
Final Day: Saturday 2nd July

All enquiries, contact Ben
p. 0408 762461

Monday, April 25, 2016

I'm Having An Exhibition...again!

It's hard to believe that someone who's constantly being told they're the worst would bother putting themselves through the humiliation again... but here I go!

The exhibition is only on for 5 days!  Don't blink, or you'll miss it.

Friday, January 1, 2016

The All Important Whisky Page

As an "artist" I am notoriously difficult to work with. Often I ask to be paid in part with whisky, but not whiskey.

I ask that buyers of my paintings buy me a great whisky that I either love or have not tried before, and so this page is here to help you, the potential buyer of one of my paintings, with some guiding information to help you buy me a whisky I will be glad to receive.

In general, I would rather be given a bottle that:
* I have not tried before
* is heavily peated (or smoky flavoured)
* is really yummy

Whisky I would like to try
Bruichladdich - Octomore (any version)
Ardbeg - Corryvreckan
Ardbeg - Supernova
Lagavulin - 12 year old
Laphroaig - (anything older than 12 years)
Port Ellen - (anything)

Whisky I've had before and could happily have again
Caol ila - Cask Strength
Caol ila - 12
Laphroaig - Quarter Cask
Big Peat - either Christmas Edition or normal version
Lagavilin - 16 year old
Bruichladdich Pot Charlotte - Peat Project

Whisky I have tried and do NOT need to try again
Johnnie Walker - Green
Talisker - 10
Talisker - Storm

If you are still unsure, print this page out and take it to your whisky specialist and let them help you.


Sunday, December 13, 2015

New Work : Boundless Plains To Share

"For those who've come across the seas
We've boundless plains to share"
These are lyrics to the often unsung second verse of our national anthem Advance Australia Fair.

This painting will be for sale this Tuesday night at an art show to raise money for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. They are a fantastic and very necessary organisation. Please lend them your support.

The exhibition called Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, and is on show for a very limited time at The Old Bar, in Fitzroy.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Coach Savage And Her Unicorns - painting sale this week!!

This new painting will be sold this week, to raise money for the mighty Old Bar Unicorns football team's 2015 campaign. 

A prominent Melbourne critic has recently written...

"Local artist, Ben Butcher, has (rather unfairly) been afforded the misleading moniker,  "Australia's Worst Artist". This title does little justice to the scope and aesthetic ambition exemplified in Butcher's latest work, "Coach Savage And Her Unicorns". 
Butcher thrusts a blended indoor/outdoor scenario at the viewer, as a black leather-clad Cash Savage, The Unicorn's coach, has her minions literally chained to her, just as she (and by proxy, the team) are connected by invisible tendrils to the bar itself. 
Team supporters will recognise Mapo's brilliant mark over the head of Old Bar figurehead, Joel Morrison; whilst a lonely figure facing the bar seems somehow to be psychically pulled, guitar-in-hand, towards the footy oval, along with the viewer's eye. Amidst all this, the artist (presumably) wields a beer and bat, as if momentarily forgetting the nature of the drunken game being celebrated by his team-mates, in a veritable maelstrom of strong, primary colours. A tiny penguin divides the frame in the foreground, as if to affirm what followers of Butcher's art have long suspected - forget about Australia, Ben Butcher is quite possibly the Worst Artist in the World! And more power to him, and the pub football team he represents." - Matt Gleeson

This painting will be available for viewing and sale from 7pm, Tuesday 24th March at the Old Bar Gallery, 74 Johnston Street Fitzroy, Vic, Australia.