Monday, July 11, 2016

So, I did something a little bit sneaky at the NGV.

I really should update this blog more often, but I've been busy on holidays, eating raw licorice root, and visiting the National Gallery of Victoria 

Then after I did this, I let a few friends know. Now some media have reported about it. It started with the Sydney Morning Herald, then the Daily Mail, and spread from there. I think this one written in German and this Chinese one are my favourites to run through the google translating program and read.

After about a week of deafening silence from the NGV, I called to ask if they had my painting in their lost and found department. 24 hours later their lost and found department called back and asked me to come and collect it.

I did. I wasn't spoken to by anyone from gallery staff. They just handed it back and sent me on my way.