Monday, May 31, 2010

Australia's Worst Artist 2009!

Welcome to my painting blog.

I have a photography blog, but I'm actually quite a decent photographer, so I didn't want to confuse things by adding my paintings in with my photos... because... apparently...

I am Australia's Worst Artist! as reported in the mainstream media.

Why Do We Need A Porpoise In Life (2009)

My awesome painting skills were finally recognised at long last!

Last year I was awarded the prestigious 2009 Itchiball Prize by the Museum of Particularly Bad Art, with this painting.

I am awaiting offers for sponsorship and endorsement deals...

This year I plan to win again.

I hope to have an exhibition this year featuring new works from yours truly, Ben Butcher, Australia's Worst Artist!


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  2. really it's awesome painting by Australia's Worst Artist,and i like Artist Australia painting.