Saturday, September 22, 2012

2012 AFL Grand Final - As the Siren Blows

Hawthorn will no doubt beat Sydney in a thrilling game. As the siren blows, this will be the scene in millions of pubs around the country...

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  1. this could have been part of a 'worst artist' oeuvre, until you added the floating bar corner, elevating the dramatic tension considerably as the viewer wonders if the glass will be knocked to the floor by the revellers, or will head injuries occur.
    The crowd depicted as a giant Savoury Shape plants the style firmly in Australian Impressionism, and the small but perfectly formed goal umpire is depicted with the completeness yet brevity, the equal of Manet and his tiny little railway workers that nobody ever remarks on in that one of the little girl looking through the railings while her nanny reads a book to that puppy ... yes sir, I refute your claim to Australias Worst (put the apostrophe where you like, this is a free country sometimes).